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Company story

This is Designed Move

With historic numbers of people moving across town or across the country with little to no support, we knew we needed to create a business to help people and make the process easier. How did we find the best solutions? By conducting focus groups, interviewing friends, clients and colleagues. We created a tailored, customizable plan perfect for the individual, family or small business. Designed Move takes care of everything it takes to move so you can focus on your new adventure, your new future and your new life!  Let us help by making relocating easier and let’s get you moving!

Aude and Nashwa met when Nashwa helped Aude find and buy a house in Washington DC.  They became fast friends and worked together in the home design and real estate business for several years.  They saw first hand the toll moving took on their clients and looked for solutions to help them manage all the mounting details that it takes to make a move.  After successfully helping real estate clients manage their moves, Nashwa and Aude decided to create a business that could help everyone, Designed Move is a company that is designed to take the stress out of relocation so you can focus on your exciting new future and get moving! 

move 12 times - 3 countries - 10,031 boxes (including shoe Boxes)

Meet The Founders

Nashwa & Aude

Let's get moving. Great Experience. Without Stress.


real estate Agent

Survived move with toddler, 2 cats and a not enough caffeine

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Design Specialist

Survived Move from france with partner and pictures of my horse!


Experienced Team

Our experienced team of professionals will take care everything -so you don’t have to. We know what it takes to plan a successful move and we’ve got you covered!


Multiple Plan Options

If you need a little help or a lot, Designed Move has several packages to ensure you achieve all of your goals


It’s Personal

Contact Designed Move for your personalized relocation plan because we are here to make sure it goes easily.


A Personally Designed Move

Everyone is unique and every move is different, we curate customizable plans to meet all of your needs


Additional Services or A La Carte

Need some extras? We have that too!


Moving Tips and Checklist

All the “moving parts” require a lot of attention to detail so we have personalized lists and checklists for that too.

What We Offer You

Simply put, Peace Of Mind!  Making sure everything is covered from all the little details to the big things is what we do. Designed Move takes the stress out of moving so you can focus on the fun of it.

What our customers think

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